Unique Items to Help Entertain Guests this Summer

The summertime is the time for entertaining, and having fun. Living it up to the fullest and enjoying the beautiful weather, and with the effects of the most recent pandemic lessening over time, this summer is hopefully looking to be one of the best ones yet for individuals across the world! One thing however, that has come about as a result of the pandemic was that families and individuals alike, have realized the value of doing it on their own, and while its always nice to go out and have a good night out on the town, in many instances, a night inside, with friends and family just might be what you need, and can often make it that much better of a time. At ShopJillionTrinkets.com, Spirulina Sims, the creator of popular blog JillionTrinkets.com, offers up some of the coolest and most unique must have items for entertaining guests, no matter what time of year it might be! From bar and drink items, and cocktail glasses, to kitchen items, and even a ton of recipes for you to make right from the comfort of your home! The best part is that Spirulina, despite being a published author, and successful businesswoman, is a regular home-body just like you, with a flare for finding the best deals, budget travel, food, drink and much more. With her on your side, you can truly level up your life like no other. In this article, we will be going over three of the most interesting and popular, must-have items for your summer entertainment at home.

Excalibur Heat Resistant Transparent Cooking Pot

The Excalibur heat resistant transparent cooking pot is one of the most effective and unique cookware items you can buy this year! Completely clear and transparent, all the way through, from the pot to the top, and handles included, every inch of this creative piece of cookware is handmade, with 100% transparent see-through glass. This handmade clear glass casserole pot is completely heat resistant, and provides a full, professional cooking experience, every single time. The glass pot is made of an advanced lead-free, high borosilicate glass, 100% healthier than plastic.

Unique Shape Cocktail Glass Sets

What’s a night with friends and family without some nice drinks? If you are planning to entertain guests, one of the best things you can do to spice things up for the evening or afternoon cocktail hour, is to purchase some interesting glassware for drinks! At ShopJillionTrinkets.com, Spirulina Sims has curated a collection of some of her favorite custom glassware options including things like the Luna Set of 1, which is a huge horn shaped cocktail glass that allows you to drink and have your drink aerate itself, whether its being poured or just while you consume it. The horn shape is a throwback to old viking times, and makes for a fun night, when you're using colorful cocktail mixers. Experienced bartenders will want to layer their drinks in such a glass with different options like fruits, colored beverages, and more. In addition, they’ve got an assortment of other cocktail glasses on offer on the site as well. From a heart shaped option, to even one with a swan. And the crystal martini cocktail glass with the long stem, is sure to bring up the value, taste, as well as the appeal of any drink, any amateur, at-home bartender could put together.

For more tips, and tricks for entertaining this summer, be sure to visit today. Or to purchase any of the above products and to check out more of the selection, be sure to visit ShopJillionTrinkets.com as well.

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