Chanti Pink Pot
  HIGH BOROSILICATE GLASS] -- Glass Saucepan with Cover is made of food-grade borosilicate glass with excellent pores, lead-free, will not absorb food odor or flavors, nor with acid-based foods, and is much healthier than plastic or stainless steel cookware.[MULTIPLE...
Mountain Fuji (set of 2)
Add an elegant touch to your bar with our Mountain Fuji Whiskey Glass The Mountain Fuji whiskey glass is unlike any other whiskey glass on the market right now. We crafted the shape of this great mountain into the glass,...
SWAN (set of 1)
It’s Time to Jazz Up the Way You Enjoy your Drinks! The swan's cocktail glass is going to be your new barware favorite from the entire collection you have right now. The unique design of the glass is apart from the other...
FRANCESCA. (set of 2)
If You Are Looking For A Very Special Whiskey And The Perfect Gift For Cocktail Lovers, This Is It.  Still, looking for a special wine aerator for your family bar or party cellar? You're right! Get a high-quality decanter! This...
Luna. (set of 2)
Complete Your Barware With This Unique Shape Cocktail Glass The fun design ox horn shape cocktail glass allows your drink to aerate as it pours and moves within the glass. The clear lead-free design is sure to make an impression when...
LILY (set of 2)
Combine The Sensory Delight Of Fine Wine With These Stunning Straight Champagne Flute Complete your crystal sets with a white wine glass. These stunning Long Stem wine glasses are paired with exquisite art forms. The straight wine glass is a modern, quality lead-free crystal...
I'm Every Woman Coffee Mugs
(BEST GIFTS FOR WOMEN) The I'm every Woman mug is carefully designed and inspired by a remarkable woman worldwide. AN ORIGINAL GIFT IDEA FOR WOMEN: Are you looking for a pleasant memory to offer as part of a long-distance friendship,...
Why drink your favorite beverage out of the same boring glass you've used a million times before? Experience a new design that makes your drinks taste better. The diamond-shaped clear stemless wine or whiskey tumblers will add an elegant touch...
LADY (set of 2)
Add A Level Of Sophistication To Your Dinner Parties When You Use The Martini Glass The crystal  stem martini glass is the most dramatic way to enjoy a great martini. These glasses are made out of high-quality and durable crystalline...
Thirst Quencher Glass 2-Piece Bedside Water Carafe with Tumbler Set`
      Treat yourself to luxury by keeping water and other beverages conveniently and beautifully within reach. Placed on a nightstand, the stylish bedside water carafe set, Made from double lead-free glass, this carafe and matching tumbler is a...
High Temperature Measuring Cup 250ml/350ml
These glass measuring cups are made from high-quality borosilicate glass, which is stronger than cheaper glass food storage containers and can safely go straight from the refrigerator to the microwave or oven to the table. It is nonporous and odor-resistant,...
from $14.50
Tess (Set Of 2)
Unique Ice Cream Glass Cup/ Mountain Shape Glass Drinking Coffee Juice Cup
Debutante (Set Of 2)
A Magnificent Way to Serve Your Fine Drink Nothing improves the refreshing taste of a cocktail like serving it in elegant glasses. The sophisticated design of martini glasses will add an elegant note to your drink, making every sip a...
GALA (set of 2)
Satisfy Your Style And Guests With Our Stylish Red Wine Glass These unique rimmed red wine glasses will impress your guests. The crystal white wine glass is a contemporary, high-quality lead-free crystal stemware with an elegant design that helps wines achieve...
LUCA (set of 2)
No Longer Serve Your Guests With Unappealing Plastic, Impress your guest by using our beautiful  Crystal Martini Cocktail Glass.. This martini saucer is stylish and durable. The cosmopolitan cocktail glass makes a statement and is a suitable addition to life's most...
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