5 Pieces of Glassware to Add to Your Home Bar Today!

Following the recent covid 19 pandemic, many individuals across the country began to fall back onto their favorite hobbies and interests in order to pass the time. While some might look to things like sewing and knitting for solace, others would rather work on restoring old cars, or collecting vintage clothing. But according to Ms. Spirulina Sims, the owner of JillionTrinkets.com and ShopJillionTrinkets.com, one of the most popular interests amongst individuals across the country has been the world of wine, liquors and spirits. Now drinking in excess is never a good idea, but having a nice cocktail after a tough week at work, going out for some drinks with friends, or even a nice glass of wine with dinner, has never been a bad idea, as long as it’s done in moderation of course. And one of the biggest issues throughout the pandemic was that individuals across the US no longer had access to their favorite after work drink locations or their local watering holes. This forced many individuals across the country to look within, as they did in almost every other industry as well. Many families began hosting friends and family members for drinks right at home in their living rooms, and some we know decided to pull the car out of the garage and open up their own speakeasy style bar right there. And as time passed, it brought many individuals back to their love of custom cocktails, spirits and beverages - a multi-billion dollar industry in just the US alone. As any good amateur drinks enthusiast or bartender knows, one of the best ways to customize and add some much needed flare to your home bar situation is with the use of custom glassware and unique, interesting pieces to add to your bar, that act almost like conversation starters. At ShopJillionTrinkets.com, Spirulina Sims offers some of the most unique bar items on sale you have ever seen, and in this article, we will be going over a few of the most unique, must-have items for your home bar today.

The Francesca Creative Heart Shaped Goblet

Valentine’s day might have already come and gone this year, but there’s always next year to show your significant other, who might just be a drink enthusiast, how much you care! One of the most sought after and unique items available at ShopJillionTrinkets.com today is the Francesca Creative Heart Shaped Goblet. This unique piece of glassware is the perfect gift for any cocktail lover and works with a wide assortment of drinks and spirits. Plus the beautiful heart shape adds the perfect feminine flare for any cocktail - especially for any type of birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or just any random day you choose to celebrate that special someone in your life.

The Lady Set of 2 Crystal Martini Cocktail Glass Set

Another favorite amongst her customer base, the Lady set of 2 crystal martini cocktail glass set is also a favorite of the shop owner Spirulina Sims. The martini itself is a classic in the drink community and an item that every good at home drinks enthusiast should know precisely how to make! And when its time to indulge and enjoy that drink with family, friends, or that special someone in your life, the Lady Set of 2 adds a particular level off sophistication to any evening at home. The perfect pair to have, whether its just you and your significant other, or purchase a bunch of your next dinner party. This crystal stem martini glass makes a strong impression, and is made from high quality durable crystalline glassware that will last through many of the rigors of your home bar. Everyone has got to have a crystal martini cocktail glass in their collection.

The Lily Set of 2 Long Stem Straight Wine Glasses

The absolute best item to have in your home bar, whether you are simply a drinker of wine, or cocktails exclusively or don’t mind mixing it up. The Lilly set of 2 long stem straight wine glasses, add a gorgeous touch to your home bar. Whether you use it for wine is your choice! Many individuals will have a glass of red after dinner to unwind with, while others prefer the Lily with some champagne, white wine, or even a nice fruit-infused cocktail. Whatever your poison, the Long stem straight wine glasses offer a unique, modern, sleek design and use quality, lead-free crystal stemware, with an elegantly crafter design that will bolster the look as well as the taste of your every beverage choice.

The Luca Set of 2 Ox Horn Shape Cocktail Glass

Once you start collecting, you will not want to miss out on the Luca, another popular item at ShopJillionTrinkets.com, the Luca is an elegant martini style cocktail glass option that's both stylish and durable. The perfect cosmo glass that not only makes a statement but provides a quality item that fits right into whatever situation you’ve got planned. Whether it’s a private night for you and your significant other, or a dinner party with friends and family, this is your preferred option when it comes to crystal martini cocktail glasses.

The Swan Set of 1 & Swan Smoked Cocktail Glass Straw

Now this is by far one of the most unique and in-demand items available at ShopJillionTrinkets.com, as its unique look, shape, and the overall aesthetic will blow you away at first glance. The Swan set of 1 is the perfect item to add to your home bar, and will leave many of your guests asking 1) if that's even a real glass?, and 2) where did you get it from? In the shape of an actual swan, where the body holds your beverage and the swan's beautiful neck and beak cradle your straw, its a pleasurable and one of a king drink experience for anyone. And if you check this out make sure to pair it with the Swan smoked cocktail glass straw as well.

The above products are just a taste of some of the most in-demand items you can find at ShopJillionTrinkets.com today. Be sure to visit if you’d like to purchase any of these items today.
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