Jillion Trinkets is One of the Best NYC Food Blogs Around Right Now!

 Since the pandemic has seemingly come to an end, many of us have taken to certain creative passions to express ourselves. And it has led to some of the best New York food blogs, businesses and restaurants around today. From individuals starting their own restaurants and food trucks, to Youtube channels, websites and blogs, the recent events of the pandemic have led many individuals to seek certain creative avenues to express themselves. I mean for many of us there simply was no better use of time than just that. And one of the best NYC food blogs to hit the scene of late is known as Jillion Trinkets. Like other food bloggers New York businesswoman Spirulina Sims is a part of her content, interjecting her stunning personality into every single one of her blogs and pieces of writing. Which has led to a number of fans loving her work. Before we get to know the blog, it's important to know the person behind Jillion Trinkets, Spirulina Sims. In this article, we will be going over her past exploits and what led her to the path one of the best NYC food blogs around right now.

Considering herself a “Martha Stewart in training”, Spirulina Sims is a modern Renaissance woman. A business owner, real estate entrepreneur, a published author, a cook, a travel expert, with a knack for budget shopping - she truly is a blend of so many different things, and brings all of that and much more to her blog Jillion Trinkets. Originally developed as an outlet for her to communicate with friends and family, and circulate fun recipes, design tips, and her takes on travel, business, and fashion - Jillion Trinkets became much more than that over time! Within a few months she started to develop a fan base that simply loved her unique opinions and more than, her eclectic nature and ability to cover all the bases for simply living a better life. While it is considered to be a top NYC food blog, Jillion Trinkets has become so much more than just that. While a lot of her posts might include certain recipes for some of her southern favorites like fried catfish nuggets, or party favors like her famous jalapeño popper dip, there are just as many other posts that discuss certain important topics in today’s cultural landscape like fashion, the black experience, travel, business, real estate, and so much more. 

As one of the top food bloggers New York City has to offer, Spirulina Sims, isn’t a rookie to putting out content by any means. She is already a fully published author, who has helped thousands of men and women to learn the art of Couponing and her budget shopping and travel tips have helped hundreds of individuals to live their best life possible, on a budget thats comfortable and affordable to them. This is why Spirulina has become a fan favorite and her blog Jillion Trinkets has come so far, because it truly is an inspiration to her readership. And it isn’t just about staying in your current place either, with Jillion Trinkets, Spirulina is giving those that are lucky enough to be her readership the knowledge and advice to better their station and status in life from someone who has worked hard and earned every single thing in hers. With topics concerning real estate investing and budget shopping, she hopes to elevate those in and outside of the black culture to better themselves in any way possible, and change their current status, by taking on side hustles and working to save as much as possible to create a brighter future for yourself and your family, just like she did for herself. She is a real estate investor in multiple properties, runs a medical practice, has an AirBnb business, and does it all while cooking and keeping an amazing home - truly an inspiration to men and women everywhere.

What has truly been the spark for Jillion Trinkets however, when it comes to being a food blog, and being one of the best NYC food blogs, is the fact that its comfortable food choices, that any one can do - with little prep time, and with any budget. While Spirulina herself is a fairly accomplished amateur cook in her own right, she doesn’t ever put out any recipes that everyone can’t make on any budget and won’t go with anybody’s taste pallet. Nothing is truly out of reach, and while she might occasionally challenge someone to step outside their comfort zone in the kitchen, it truly is only to expand your knowledge as a chef and someone with a family. The fact is that every meal option or recipe she highlights offers the perfect family experience, is truly priceless, and a major reason why Jillion Trinkets is one of the best New York food blogs around today. Visit JillionTrinkets.com today to learn more and see for yourself.

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