5 Reasons to Make the Switch to Glass Cocktail Straws

In 2022 one of the most important topics is the the environment and the effect, or the footprint that we as humans have on the planet. The fact is that whether we realize it or not, we as humans have evolved so far and while we’ve made tons of progress over this time, a lot of what we are doing is devastating our planet. And it can come from some of the least conspicuous sources you could ever imagine. A popular NYC food blogger Spirulina Sims and her blog Jillion Trinkets and recently popularized a trend that has taken hold of the craft cocktail drinks and spirits world as a whole, and while many individuals may not be doing it just for the environment, the fact is that it brings about an important point of discussion. Jillion Trinkets and NYC food blogger Spirulina Sims, explain the value and the effectiveness of using class cocktail straws as opposed to conventional plastic straws. And while they are aesthetically more pleasing and can be a must have for any amateur drink enthusiasts out there, its also important to point out the pivotal environmental impact it can have on the world. Plastic drinking straws are becoming a terrible issues for our planet! According to statistics, we are throwing away over half a billion plastic drinking straws each and every day. And it's important to understand that these plastic straws are not recyclable or biodegradable, for the average person that means that they simply do not go anywhere, and end up infesting landfills, fields, garbage patches, oceans and even our streets. And by switching to the glass straw cocktail glass and beverage enthusiasts, can become a pivotal part of change. It isn’t just the environmental impact that you making by making the switch to the glass cocktail straw, as there are also a ton of different benefits for everyday individuals and users alike. In this article, we will be going over a few of the most important benefits. 

Why Switch to Glass Cocktail Straws? 

Reduce Waste and Pollution

Before we delve into other reasons it's important to touch on the reduction in waste and pollution that can be made if we switch our cocktail glass straws. Believe it or not, even one person making the switch to glass cocktail straw will be a huge impact. On average a drink enthusiast will be able to prevent over 600 plastic straws from making it to landfills and oceans just by making the switch to glass cocktail straws. Over a lifetime, thats an incredible change, and just imagine if that one person could change another persons mind each week. Small changes can make a big impact over time. 

They Make Drinks More Fun

As Spirulina Sims from Jillion Trinkets pointed out, using glass cocktail straws is much more fun that a regular old plastic straw, and provides users with a much more premium experience for their cocktails. Whether its a party, or just drinks with your partner at home using these straws makes for a much more  premium experience. 

They Make Drinks Taste Better

When it comes to changes like this, its more so that the individual simply needs to give things a try before they say no. its almost a guarantee that any drink enthusiast will say that their beverage tastes infinitely better when using a glass cocktail straw as opposed to a plastic one and there is almost no doubt about that. Ask anyone who has already made the switch! 

You Can Drink Hot Beverages Too

One of the latest trends that many coffee and tea drinkers have adopted to save their teeth from getting stained is consuming their coffee and tea with a straw as opposed to just from the cup. Anyone who has ever done this with a plastic straw knows that it isn’t anywhere near ideal. And if you make the switch to glass cocktail straws, you will realize these work infinitely better for warm and hot beverages like coffee or tea. 

Great for Sensitive Teeth

Glass cocktail straws are not just reusable and can save you money over time, but they are also great at saving your teeth! In fact the plastic from conventional drinking straws tends to have certain chemicals and while these chemicals aren’t too bad in low doses over years of use they can cause issues for individuals with sensitive teeth. For anyone with sensitive teeth switching over to cocktail glass straws is a brilliant idea.

 The topic has become pretty common around the internet and there are a lot of individuals like Spirulina Sims and Jillion Trinkets discussing it, for more information be sure to visit her blog at JillionTrinkets.com and to purchase your very own glass cocktail straws you can visit ShopJillionTrinkets.com today.


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