The Benefits of Glass Cocktail Straws

The United States is has always been a country that loves its beverages, of all kinds, no matter what they might be. From alcoholic options like beer, wine and cocktails with your favorite spirits added, to the all American soda options like Coke and Pepsi, the US is home to some of the most unique beverage options that individuals from all around the world consume on a daily basis and enjoy doing so. One of the most important aspects of any beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, aside from the glass or receptacle its consumed in is the straw we use to consume it. Straws are a popular option because they allow us to add different things to a cocktail or beverage, without having to worry about drinking these items with our favorite drink. This could be ice to keep your drink cool on a hot summer’s day or it could be the lemon wedge you add to add a little kick to your soda. And the vast majority of straws are made of plastic, which might work for form and function, but aren’t the best option for the environment or even having the best quality taste for your beverage. Americans use more than 500 million plastic straws every single day. And according to Ms. Spirulina Sims of Jillion Trinkets, one of the best New York food bloggers around, because these straws are too small to fit into recycling sorters, it results in nearly 300 tons of trash on a daily basis. With the world moving towards more eco friendly, green options, this simply isn’t ideal and something we would certainly like to cut out if at all possible. On Jillion Trinkets, one of the best New York food blogs, Spirulina Sims offers her readers a much better option for both taste and environmental friendliness, the glass cocktail straw. Whether its for your soda or cocktail glass straws are a much better option and theres a number of reasons why. In fact she even sells them on the Jillion Trinkets shop, over at and they come in all different shapes, colors and sizes - perfect for your every need.

Environmental Issues of Plastic Straws

Anyone who is at least a little bit familiar with certain environmental issues, knows the damaging effects of certain plastics and plastic items on the environment. With the sheer number of straws we use as Americans, they have a terrible effect on the environment. According to Spirulina, one of the best New York food bloggers, just a simple cocktail glass with straw made of plastic can have such a devastating effect on the environment. If you’ve ever seen some of the viral videos online of turtles and penguins getting whole straws stuck in their mouths or noses, it is truly heart breaking. According to some estimates, more than a million birds may die each year from simple plastic consumption. And this plastic is also polluting the oceans and certain lands across the world. Experts believe that within the next 20-30 years, there will be more plastic debris in the ocean, than there will be fish. Which is an astonishing idea if we let it come to pass. And one of the simplest ways Americans can help stop this is by switching to a glass straw cocktail glass beverages not only taste better with glass straws but it gives your drink a much cleaner, more refined look as well - which can be a huge benefit at a party or any type of gathering.

Benefits for Your Beverage

If the environmental impact isn't enough for you to want to make the change over to using glass cocktail straws, the fact that its infinitely better for your beverage should. We use straws for everything, and they do provide tons of benefits. When drinking your iced coffee or soda, and not wanting to stain your teeth, using a straw can make a huge difference and allow you to pass the drink into your mouth without having to go over your teeth. Plus, they look and function way better. If you’ve been to a Starbucks or other fast food locations recently you might have noticed that a lot of places have switched to paper straws. These are honestly better for the environment but are terrible for form and function. They get soggy fast, and don't work anywhere near as well as plastic or glass so its not a good option for real drink enthusiasts. A cocktail glass straws made of glass look way better and they also ensure that you are getting a purer taste for your drink, and theres not plastic or paper taste being passed to your mouth on the way up. Another huge benefit for anyone who loved to entertain is that they look way better and your guests will love them. With a glass cocktail straw you can also reuse it and simply wash it the next time you need it, so one purchase can literally last for a lifetime. For more information on glass cocktail straws, other amazing lifestyle tips, or to purchase your own visit and today.

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