Best Clothing Options for Your Summer Trip

June is here, and that means it's summer time in New York City. While the official start of summer might not be until June 21st, the sun is out and people all across the city are settling into their summer plans. With the events surrounding the covid-19 pandemic having ruined a lot of peoples plans the past few years, summer of 2022 looks to be a time where many of us are looking to reclaim the normalcy of our lives and get back to living our best life. One of the best NYC food blogs, created by Ms. Spirulina Sims, one of the top food bloggers New York City has to offer, can help you do just that. While she’s technically one of the best food bloggers NYC has to offer, Spirulina Sims and her work on Jillion Trinkets has a lot more than just good recipes! A published author, world traveler, business owner, real estate aficionado, and overall great woman, Spirulina offers her readers a number of amazing and helpful tips to live their best life. From travel tips, couponing and discount shopping, to her thoughts on fashion, music, culture, business and more - Jillion Trinkets provides an overall lifestyle hub that gives her readership an insight into her life and helpful ideas for how to make the best of their time, both personally and professionally. She delves into helpful fashion tips for your summer resort vacation in one of her latest posts on Jillion Trinkets lifestyle, traveling and restaurants tips aren’t all she offers, as she is well researched and is here to help women find the right outfits to look their absolute best no matter what beach or resort they plan to hit up this summer.

The Important of Resort and Vacation Outfits

One of the most important things Spirulina points out in her blog is the important of looking nice and dressing your best, and doing so in a way thats friendly for your budget and current financial status. According to Spirulina, one of the best New York food bloggers around today, planning your wardrobe is one of the most important aspects of any trip - for both men and women. While on vacation it's essential that you look your absolute best, because then you will feel your best and be comfortable at the same time. Not all of us get to go on vacations, and even when we do they are few and far between with the hectic, busy lifestyle most of us New Yorkers have. And while you're on vacation, whether you’re taking a trip alone, or with friends and family, it should always be a time where you do whatever possible to make sure you look and feel your best - and planning the right outfits can be a big part of that.

Choosing Your Vacations Outfits

One of the most important things Spirulina points out about choosing the right vacation outfits is planning clothing based on the length of your stay. Its vacation, so you shouldn’t repeat outfits unless you absolutely have to, and you also don’t want to pay extra to the airline for having too large of a bag - as one of the best food bloggers New York City has to offer, Spirulina is all about savings and helping her readers get the best deal on trips and more.


Especially when you’re venturing off to an island destination beachwear is obviously a key and it is likely to be very hot so you want clothing that will work well for the temperature. Women should plan the right number of bathing suits and outfits, whether you plan to get into the water or not its important to look good on the beach while you do whatever you do. And while looking good is important, according to Jillion Trinkets, one of the best New York food blogs, comfort is also very key - so make sure you bring bathing suits that you feel comfortable in and if you don’t want them to be too revealing they shouldn’t be. With the amazing options online these days, its very easy for women to not only dress cute, and sexy, but to do so in a way thats affordable and comfortable at the same time. Some fo the best retailers for women’s beachwear Spirulina recommends include Fashion Nova, Light in the Box, Shein and Victoria Secret.

Day & Evening Outfits

Another important aspect of women’s travel clothing is what you wear when you’re not on the beach. As we said its likely to be hot where you are, so make sure to pack a few cute sundresses and skirts that you feel comfortable to go out for brunch or lunch in, or out to an evening on the town. Sometimes these two occasions might not match, but one of the best things you can do when traveling is to bring versatile dresses and outfits that will work for both occasions that you can switch up and decide based on how you feel and what the mood or occasion might be. The retailers we mentioned above all have some great options for women that will work for both a nice brunch, as well as a night of hard partying in the Caribbean.

One thing to also make sure of is that you bring some comfortable clothing for sleeping and just hanging out in. Thing like tee shirts and hoodies might come in handy, especially the hoodies as it can get very cold at night on some resorts depending on where you are. And sometimes you just don’t want to get dressed up and thats okay, so bring some casual outfits for these times. Be sure to checkout today for all your best lifestyle tips.

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